Wednesday , August 12th 2020
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Western Horse Training- All You Need to Know

Training horses is one of the most fulfilling jobs there is. It also happens to be one of the most challenging which is why there are very few who would dare to take it on. If you are one of those who have horses that possess the potential to make it great in the equestrienne world, it is up to you to make it happen through western horse training.

Starting with the basics

The younger the horse is, the easier it is to train is one of the most important maxims that you have to know and one of the truest as well. If you have a yearling or a long yearling, now is the perfect time to start training it. Begin with getting it used to be around people, aside from its owner (you).

Those ponies that you see in parks on which little children ride on, are the perfect examples of horses that have acclimated well early in their lives. You have to learn how to gently nudge them in the direction of being comfortable about being ridden before you can finally train as a rider.

Horses with a very low startle point are those that are likely to have had traumatic experiences with their former owners. If you have gotten your horse from an animal shelter, it is either formerly abused or abandoned by its former owner which means that you have to be more caring.

Also, you need to take the training slow at least until it gets comfortable enough with you as well as with following commands.

Training Tips that Really Help

When it comes to horse training, most people think that hiring a professional trainer is the only way to go. On the contrary, there are actually a few other options in store for those who have mares and foals they want to have tamed and trained.

If you own a horse and have the desire to turn such ordinary quadruped to a well-seasoned racer, there are certain tricks that you can do on your own. Here are some western horse training tips that can jumpstart things:

  • Horses are easier to train when you start teaching them early in life. Yearlings are already receptive to command so as soon as your horse turns one, you know it is time to teach it very simple things such as socializing with other horses and getting used to human interaction.
  • Some horses have lower startle points than others. This means that you have to be very careful when it comes to breaking your horse in since it might need a little more time to get used to being trained or being in the company of other horses and humans for that matter.
  • You can use toys such as balls to stimulate your horse’s responses and get it used to being active. When you notice that your horse noses the ball back and forth, you should take it as a sign of readiness for training.
  • If you are low on funds but you really want your horse to get any sort of training, it can help if you get instructional materials that would provide information you need to train your horse on your own. There are eBooks and videos that you can refer to as to how you should go about the process.

Western horse training principles are governed mainly by the notion that the relationship that exists between the horse and its owner is very important so make certain that you provide all the care it needs and be adept at the newest techniques for training that you can find.