HILASON Made in USA Western Wool Shock Buster Saddle Blanket Pad Crimson Beige

Product Description

This is a Hilason made orthopedic saddle pad that gives excellent shock absorbing, cool and comfortable fitting to the horses back. The top layer is a premium quality New Zealand Wool which is air ventilated, washable and can easily be dusted off.

The Spine area of this pad is composed of a Latest Technology SHOCK BUSTER pad Insert. These Light weight and Flexible Pads are highly shock absorbing which disperses the weight of the rider and reduces pressure points. There are also very Porous, thereby provides utmost air ventilation

The Bottom layer of this pad is made of THICK SYNTHETIC FLEECE which soaks up moisture and allows heat to dissipate away from your horse back.

This Saddle pad is easy to wash so sweat and dirt can be removed easily. This is an ultimate solution for a perfect smooth ride!!!

Product Features

  • TOP MATERIAL : High Quality Tightly Woven New Zealand Wool W/ Genuine Distressed Wear leather.
  • SPINE AREA : Latest Technology Shock Buster Pad Insert.
  • BOTTOM MATERIAL : Thick Synthetic Fleece.
  • SIZE : 34 inches by 36 inches.
  • COLOR : Red, Blue, Off White, Grey & Black.