Fit Your Saddle Then Choose Your Saddle Pad

Less is Better When it Comes to Your Wool Saddle Pad or Wool Saddle Blanket. You have many western saddles to choose from; Blue River Saddles, Ranch Saddles, Pleasure Saddles to name a few, but now your choice of saddle pads can be a little over-whelming and your local horse tack shop has them in all shapes, sizes, and colors; they are an essential part of every horse’s tack.

The Western saddle pad is usually made of cotton, synthetic fabrics or wool; usually measuring 32” x 32” and often have leather along the lower edge of the pad making them much more durable.

The main purpose of your saddle pad or saddle blanket is to protect the horses back and help distribute the weight and pressure of the saddle. If your saddle fits your horse well, the less padding you need and the better off you are. Keeping your horses back cool is an important factor when choosing a saddle pad or saddle blanket.

The Wool Saddle Blanket still remains to one of the most popular due to its ability to retain body heat when wet from the horses sweat and to dissipate heat from the horses back. Your wool saddle pad or wool saddle blanket is not designed to compensate for a poorly fitting saddle.

It’s advisable to buy the best fitting Western saddle for your horse and then purchase the saddle pad or wool saddle blanket – your wool saddle pad should not exceed ¾’ thick as this will cause the saddle to be out of balance.

Now a day the assortment of saddle pads is at times overwhelming. The three main categories are All Purpose Saddle Pads, English Saddle Pads, and Western Saddle Pads. Within these categories, you can further break it down into:

  • Custom Saddle Pads
  • All Purpose Saddle Pad
  • Dressage Saddle Pads
  • Gel Saddle Pads
  • Wool Saddle Pads
  • Cheap Saddle Pads
  • Horse Tack Saddle Pads
  • Barrel Racing Saddle Pads
  • Treeless Saddle Pads
  • Saddle Blankets
  • Customized Saddle Pads
  • Used Saddle Pads
  • Pony Blanket Pad

Depending on the Equestrian Riding Sport, you can easily find the perfect saddle pad:

  • Dressage Saddle Pad: You have pads for Schooling, Training,, and Show.
  • All Purpose Saddle Pad can be used for multiple riding sports, including Trail Riding
  • Western Saddle Pad also referred to as Blanket is also used for Endurance Riding
  • Barrel Racing Saddle Pad also referred to as Reinsman Pad
  • Treeless Saddle Pad or Skito: These are Specialty Saddle Pads for the Equestrian
  • Pony Blanket Pad is designed to fit a small Horse to a large Pony
  • Used Saddle Pad will work for the Used Saddle or New Saddles, ideal for Schooling or a Trail Ride
  • Customized Saddle Pad can be coordinated with the Horse and Equestrian Apparel
  • Gel Saddle Pad falls into the Therapeutic Pad category, such as ThinLine Saddle Pads