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Choosing the Perfect Horse Riding Gear

For the equestrian rider, a must have is the perfect riding glove! The perfect horse riding gloves allow you to feel the fine-tuned communication to your horse from the reins. If your horse riding gloves are too bulky, too tight or the reinforcements are in the wrong place, it can impede your ride, or you can get blisters and loose rein contact. Your horse riding gloves must provide you with good contact and comfort.

There are many gloves to choose from. When riding in warmer weather, you need horse riding gloves that stretch and are made of light, airy material. Winter horse riding gloves must allow moisture to evaporate and not to be too bulky so to allow your fingers to easily adjust your reins. I have long fingers, and some of the men’s horse riding gloves fit better.

You may need to ride in several riding gloves before you find the perfect horse riding glove. I always buy two pairs to ensure I always have a perfect pair of horse riding gloves!

Does Your Horse Riding Helmet Meet the Standards?

Ride Safe in a ASTM Certified Horse Riding Helmet

Ride Safe in an ASTM Certified Horse Riding Helmet

It feels good to be confident that if your horse riding helmet is ASTM approved, it has passed the minimum standards required by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

The horse riding helmets that are “For Dress Only”, “Apparel Only” or have NO “Safety Standards Certification” stamped inside are for “Look” only; they may not be as safe as the ASTM approved. It’s important to choose your horse riding helmet wisely.

There is a great assortment of Certified Equestrian Riding Helmets to choose from, English, Western and Trail riding helmets. It’s essential to buy the best fitting riding helmet, so you may need to try on several types and brands to find the perfect fit!

When shopping for your horse riding helmet, you may also want to consider buying a horse riding Safety Vest.

Ariat Half Chaps Part of Your Equestrian Riding Gear

Ariat Half Chaps can be worn with English horse tack or Western horse tack. Leather half chaps provide stability with the style of a tall riding boot.

It’s important to measure your leg for the correct fit of your Half Chaps:

Measure around the widest part of your calf, over breeches or jeans for the width
Measure from your ankle bone up to the bend of your knee for the height
Note: Your Ariat Half Chaps should feel tight at first as they stretch and form to fit your leg as you ride.

Fun Riding in the Sun with this EquiVisor

If you do a lot of summer trail riding or riding on the beach as I do —– then this is a Must Have Riding Accessory! This is just as important as any of the your horse tack and riding accessories.

Riding Helmet EquiVisor | Protect Your Skin & Eyes from UV Rays as You Ride Your Horse

A Riding Helmet Visor that stays on while you ride – Yes! Even while riding at full gallop!

This riding EquiVisor has a wide, four-inch brim that tapers just the right way to give you protection from the UV sun rays. It is large enough to shade and protect your face and ears and doesn’t obstruct your peripheral vision.

And the EquiVisor design allows you to wear it either on your helmet or as a sun visor for a day at the beach or any activity out in the sun.

So saddle up and go have fun in the sun!

What’s the difference in Gaiters, Chaps or Half Chaps?

Half Chaps for English Riding or Western Riding

The key difference between “gaiters” and “chaps” is the positioning of the zipper. On a pair of gaiters, the zipper is always at the back of the garment. On the other hand, chaps or half-chaps always have a zipper on the side. Another difference is what these two garments are used for.

As you probably have seen, a pair of chaps is made from waterproof and hard wearing materials to keep the rider’s legs clean, safe, and protected. They usually go up the leg all the way until they get near the crotch area so that the rider can still feel the saddle below them while they ride. Half-chaps are similar with the exception that they usually only reach down as far as the knees.  Whichever choice you make is up to your personal preference and the type of riding you do.

Make your riding Enjoyable and Safe by wearing the appropriate Equestrian Gear.  To avoid getting blisters on your hands from continuously holding the bridle, you can wear a pair of riding gloves. Choose well-fitted gloves that are made of long-lasting, durable materials and which allow easy movement. Gloves are great for protecting your hands and absorbing moisture. Make sure that the helmet that you choose has been constructed specifically for horseback riding.

Helmets manufactured for other sports do not provide the required protection of the head in case of a fall from a horse. The harness of the helmet should be adjusted easily according to the size. Good air flow is required to wick away sweat while riding, so you must purchase helmets that have mesh covered vents. Helmets should be light in weight and made of impact resistant materials.

A “Safety” Vest is a must for any Equestrian Riding that you do. There are many to choose from, so read up to find the safety vest that suits your riding discipline, English Riding, Western Riding, Jumping or Trail Riding.