Acerugs Therapeutic Gel Padding Brown Black White Fleece English Riding Horse Saddle Half PAD Maximum Support Jumping Dressage Showing Training

Product Description

These 3D Air Mesh Half pads feature an innovative gel and mesh technology with therapeutic benefits, providing high-end comfort and protection for you and your horse. The 3D Air mesh half pad is uniquely designed with added gel padding that evenly distributes the pressure on your horseback and allows freedom of movement for activities such as Show jumping, Dressage, and Eventing. The therapeutic gel technology with horse health benefits absorbs impacts on high jumps and long hours of rides, relieving horseback pains. This half pad helps relieve uneven pressure points by providing added padding and eliminates saddle sores and pinching. Plus, it helps with saddle slipping and maintains close contact with your horse! whether your saddle is too wide or your horse has a chronic muscle atrophy disease, this half pad is all you need to help fill in the gap and bridge your saddle, a versatile pad that conforms with your horseback and provides extra support, while still giving enough room for your horseback growth and development.

Pad Features:
Color: Black, White, Brown
Impact Protection
High-Level of Comfort
100% Durability
Neoprene Bottom
Easy Maintenance
Soft Fleece Trim

Pad Measurements:
Length: 25″
Spine: 23″
Front Width: 20″
Middle Width: 15.5″
Back Width: 18.5″

Product Features

  • Impact Gel Protection
  • Neoprene Bottom
  • Soft Fleece Trim
  • Wicks Away Moisture
  • Non Slip